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Star: Ariel Daye

Christmas Carol Rr
Christmas Carol Rr
Release Date: 12/11/2008
Manufacturer: Las Vegas
Stars: Alex Sanders | Ariel Daye | Debi Diamond | Devon Shire | Diva | Heather Lee | Steve Drake | Tony Martino
Is Santa coming to town? No, this town is being visited by the very horny ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Like Santa, he knows you've been bad, he knows when you've been good. But unlike Santa, he really appreciates those who are good at being bad. Does this ghost, Tony Martino, bring presents like Santa? Yes, he brings presents, but not like Santa. On his list, and he's checked it twice, he's got Heather Lee and Ariel Daye to satisfy Steve Drake's appetite for group sex, Debi Diamond for Alex Sanders and his craving for backdoor action, and for CHRISTMAS CAROL, Diva, he brings a chrome dildo to help her with Devon Shire and their lesbian love. He even offers Diva a sample of his own gift: Wrapped salami. And you thought Santa was generous!